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Daycare centre are where a child are place under supervision of adult while their parents are at work. For a small price the daycare centre they can provide meals and activities for the child to play, learn and develop. The most important thing is the parent's know their child are getting the proper care they deserve.

In the 1970's to the early 1980's, daycare centre were not very popular. This was because mothers would give up there career in the workforce and stay home to look after their child. In other words, the mother would take up a full-time job and enjoy motherhood. The preception about females with childen in the workforce was very different. Employer would prefer male staff rather then female staff who have childen because when the child becomes ill, the mother will have to attend to the child and would have to take time off work. There were prejudices against females staffs. Females were seen not equal to male.

As the world became more developed, mothers were slowly encouraged to re-enter the workforce after the birth of their child. The views to mother staying at home and looking after their child have change. Daycare centre were becoming more and more popular. Research figures has shown the demand for daycare centres has risen by up to 80% over the last 5 to 10 years. Parants are now looking for daycare center which is safe and that it provides a warm and caring environment where their child play and learn, much similar to their own home evironment. Home daycare centers are what most parents are looking for. There are many is because at a home daycare center, the carer is usually a mother themselves, so she would know how to care for a child, the price the charge are reasonable and also the carer would only be looking after no more then 6 childen at any one time, therefore, the child is getting the proper care it needs.

So have you thought of setting up your own home daycare? This site will provide you all the information you need about, the advantages and disadvantage of setting up your own daycare, the daycare supplies you need and the sort of daycare grants available to you.

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