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Daycare Grants

There are several ways you can obtain information about the kinds of grants available for daycare providers in your state.

  • You can request a Foundations Book which lists grant seekers and grant funders in your state.
  • You can call your local United Way office to get information of where the closest Center for Non-Profit Development is located.
  • To find a 990 form, visit your local regional library and ask for assistance in the resource section; 990 Forms are also located in some Center for Non-Profit Development Libraries. (The Seattle Library located in downtown Seattle has the largest resource section for the Puget Sound area.
  • If you just want to install some play equipment, contact large businesses. Some will actually design and install them.
  • Under the IRS laws most foundations may only contribute to non-profits with a 501(c)3 certification.
  • People located in the Puget Sound Region may also contact the Northwest Development Officer's Association and/or Puget Sound Grantmakers Association (both associations' headquarters are located in Seattle ).
  • When researching possible grants, look for foundations and corporations which support families and children. Most of these foundations and corporations will appreciate a telephone call prior to submitting an actual grant request.

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